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Our Vision
Our Vision is
To support and empower people to overcome disadvantage and barriers to personal, social and economic growth by delivering inclusive and innovative services.
Our Mission
Our Mission is
To provide high quality and effective Nursing Services, where every person we care for matters.
Our Goal
Our Goal is
To support, provide encouragement and assist you in any choices that you make.
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Chronic Disease Management
This includes providing specialist care in the home for those who require a higher level of care and attention.
Wound Care
The importance of wound care in nursing relates to the ability to reduce a patient’s pain and promote healing as quickly and completely as possible.
Our nurses perform a wide variety of critical services, from assessing wound conditions and mitigating infections to developing treatment plans and caring for pressure injuries.
Medication Management
  1. Perform medication reconciliation at every step.
  2. Engage patients.
  3. Ensure comprehensive discharge planning.
  4. Schedule a prompt follow up visit to reconcile and discuss medications.
  5. Proactively follow up with high risk patients.
Continence Management
Continence care relates to helping an individual achieve and maintain this control of their bladder or bowel functions, through tips on how to keep the bladder healthy, continence assessment, identifying a suitable course of treatment if necessary and emotional support and advice.
Personal Care
Personal care means anything done for you that's of a personal nature. This may include: personal hygiene – bathing, showering, hair washing, shaving, oral hygiene and nail care. continence management – toileting, catheter/ stoma care, skin care, incontinence laundry and bed changing.
Arrange Carer Support
Allow our experienced and qualified respite workers to care for your loved one when you're in need of a short-break.
​Referral is the process of connecting you to information or services that fall outside of our organisation's areas of expertise. 
Mental Health Support
We provide mental health support services through DVA Community Nursing Services.
Please contact us for assistance with your chronic condition.
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