Post-hospital Care

Post-hospital Care

Whether you are recovering from a serious illness or you require support and care after major surgery/treatment, or need support at home to maintain your independence, we can help. Care Direct is committed to providing exceptional care that gives you and your loved ones peace of mind knowing that all your needs are being attended to. We listen to you and develop a package that suits your needs. Our clinical team of registered nurses, enrolled nurses and assistant nurses ensure you receive the best care. This care is supported by Care Direct’s GP in consultation with your family doctor. We2Care’s combined medical and non-medical model of service delivery helps make the transition from hospital facilities to home easier and safer.

We offer the following services:

  1. Community nursing.
  2. Assistance with household tasks (light cleaning, cooking, doing laundry, ironing, changing bed linen, cleaning freezer, fridge and stove).
  3. School drop-off and pick-up.
  4. Transportation to appointments, shopping and social activities.
  5. Running errands and shopping with clients or on their behalf.
  6. Assistance with collecting mail and paying bills.
  7. Carer respite.
  8. Garden maintenance.
  9. Welfare checks—either by phone or home visits.
  10. Medication reminders and prompting.
  11. Communication coordination between service providers.
  12. Handover to carers and from hospital discharge facilitator.
  13. Personal care.
  14. Assistance with hygiene including tooth brushing, shaving, showering and hair care.
  15. Assistance with dressing.
  16. Assistance with mobilisation activities including turning, transferring, exercising and walking.
  17. Continence care.
  18. Assistance with feeding.
  19. Companionship and social support.
  20. Referral to other service providers as needed.

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