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Nursing Services
Mental Health / General
Community & Aged Care
Community Nursing
Group Therapies
Care Services Available
Group Therapies
Mental Health Nursing
Mental Health Nurses
Provide coordinated services to people with a range of mental health disorders, including undertaking assessments and ongoing care. 
Community Nursing
Community Nurses
Advocate for health promotion,
educate patients and the public on the prevention of illness and injury,
provide care and assist in cure,
participate in rehabilitation,
and provide support
Inpatient Nursing
Inpatient Nursing Staff
Assist patients to manage physical needs, prevent illness, and treat health conditions.
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Employee benefits
* Great Pay rates
* Paid Police clearance
* Free Uniforms
* Training & Professional Development
* Flexible working options
Employer's benefits
* Provision of right staff for the job
* Credentialed Mental Health Nurses
* Experienced Registered Nurses
* Experienced Enrolled Nurses
* Experienced Assistants in Nurses
* Experienced Support Workers
Our Nurses Specialist recruitment team have a screening process that is based on hiring the Nurses that have General Nursing Qualifications, Mental Health Qualifications,  Credentialed Mental Health Nurses or working towards being credentialed by the Australian College of mental Health Nurses
DVA Community Nursing 
* Chronic Disease management
* Pressure areas management
* Diabetes Management
Palliative Care and Pain Management
* Regular monitoring of your vital signs
* Stoma and Fistula care
* Continence & catheter care
* Expert wound care & management
* Epilepsy management
* Case management 
Post-Acute Hospitalisation Care
Veterans' Personal Care 
The Veterans’ Personal care provides a small amount of practical help at home so you can continue to live independently.
* Personal hygiene
* Dressing
* Transferring or mobility
* Assistance with eating
Maintaining continence
Mental Health Nursing
Our Credentialed Mental Health Nurses are specialist nurses who have demonstrated meeting the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses’ credentialing criteria in relation to;
* registration
* education
* practice experience
* professional development, and
* professional integrity
We offer Therapeutic groups
* Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT)
* Addictions Group Therapy
* Relapse Prevention Group
* Brief Solution Focused Therapy
* Sleep hygiene
* Art Therapy
Registered & Enrolled Nurses
AIN or Support Workers
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